Curriculum Vitae

Before embracing photography I was involved in many different pursuits. After years of active participation in social organizations, the last years as a toolmaker, I found my access to photography whilst traveling. Studying photography at the Dortmund university of Applied Sciences and Arts in the class of Arno Fischer, I turned to the countries of the former Soviet Union as the focus of my work. For my graduate project, I spent totally ten month, up to the year 2002, photographing Karat. Sky over St. Petersburg. Published as a book, the series of photographs was shown in museums and galleries in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Russia and the US. Supported by several promotion prizes I was able to complete further long time projects. Actually I live in Berlin and have published a photo book about migrant workers in China, Mingong. The Pursuit of Happiness.

Abroad Photo Projects

Canada, China, Cuba, France, Georgia, Italy, Russia, Siberia, Ukraine, USA.
Long time photo projects in Russia and China.